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What is Competition obedience?

Competition obedience is a precision sport where the handler and dog do a series of standard exercises as directed by the judge. Handlers are not allowed to speak to their dogs other than to give each command (heel, stand, down, stay, etc).

While sometimes nerve-wracking it is a lot of fun. You and your dog build a real bond as you learn to work together as a team.

Competition obedience involves five classes of attainment, each marked by a title your dog can earn. These classes are:

Community Companion Dog Class (Title: CCD)

  • Heel on lead
  • Stand for examination on lead
  • Recall
  • 1 minute sit stay
  • 2 minute down stay

Novice Class (Title: CD)

  • Heel free
  • Stand free for examination
  • Recall
  • Retrieve on flat OR Change of position
  • 1 Minute sit stay
  • 3 Minute down stay

Open Class (Title: CDX)

  • Heel free
  • Stand free for examination
  • Drop on recall
  • Retrieve dumbbell on flat
  • Retrieve dumbbell over solid jump
  • Broad jump OR Distance control
  • 3 minute sit stay - Handler out of sight
  • 5 minute down stay - Handler out of sight

Utility Class (Title: UD)

  • Seek back
  • Directed jumping
  • Scent discrimination
  • Signal exercise
  • Speak on command (optional)
  • Food refusal (optional)
  • Directed retrieve (optional)
  • Group examination
  • 7 minute down stay - Handler out of sight

Utility Dog Excellent Class (Title: UDX)

  • Seek Back with Decoy Article
  • Positions in Motion
  • Scent Discrimination - Judges Scent
  • Directed Sendaway and Recall
  • Distance Control
  • Multiple Retrieve
  • Temperament Test

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